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Philadelphia City of Brotherly Love

The city of Philadelphia plays a pivotal role in American history; it's the city where United States declared its independence on 4th of July, 1776. From the historic remnants like the Liberty Bell to the trendy-setting South Philly and the glorious shopping malls and museums, this sixth largest city in the US is regarded as the birthplace of USA as we know it today. Fondly known as "Philly", the city is known for its multi-ethnic neighborhoods with more than a 100 of them existing today. Philadelphia offers some world-class orchestra, enchanting restaurants and vibrant artistic collections and not to forget, the best in Philadelphia luxury hotels for that unforgettable holiday experience.

Philadelphia was the premier capital of USA from 1790 till 1800 and still embraces the memories of it at the Independence National Historic Park. The Franklin Institution Science Museum opened up for the public in 1934 and has since been one of the most frequented places in the city. Other museums like the Mummers Museum, Independence Seaport Museum and the Franklin Court are also popular.Luxury is at your service in Philadelphia with numerous Philadelphia luxury hotels located close to popular attractions. A plentifulof parks are scattered around the city like the Fairmont Park, Historic Bartram's Garden and the Laurel Hill Cemetery. If you are staying at a Philadelphia downtown hotel, many of the attractions are best explored on foot.

Weather will not be a hindrance while staying at a Philadelphia luxury hotel or a Philadelphia four star hotel. However, one can expect to see four varied types of climate while in Philadelphia namely winter, spring, fall and summer. While the winters are snowy with an occasional blizzard sweeping through the city, the springs are pleasant with pleasurable temperatures. Humidity tends to increase in summers and leads to hot and humid atmosphere. August is the hottest month of the year while January and February being the coldest ones. Having a subtropical climate, Philadelphia is best visited during spring and fall that is from March to May and from September to November respectively.

Philadelphia is the fourth-largest urban area in the US as well as the largest city in Pennsylvania. The city is also known as The City of Brotherly Love presumably because of its unity in diversity.In present times, Philadelphia has grown up to be one of the major commercial hubs in the country as well as a booming metropolis. Philadelphia has also started to be known for its lively nightlife with many lavish hot spots and multi-ethnic cuisines. Travelers can easily book reservations at any one of thePhiladelphia four star hotels or boutique hotels downtown Philadelphia. Home to some of the best performing sports teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Phillies and the Flyers, sports fanatics will have a chance to enjoy their favorite sport. Whether it's the savory cheese steaks or the powerful Stallone in Rocky, Philadelphia definitely deserves to be one of the best destinations in US.